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About this feature

Here you can view the data that was exported from the SNS.

You can choose to read from Google Drive or local. Also registered in the G + Don in both cases is not required, any data to the server will not be uploaded.

How to use
  • Please drag and drop the file to the drop area below. Or Please select a file by pressing the Browse button.
  • If you use Google Drive, log in to Google, please authenticate this app.
  • The loaded data is displayed in the list on the right. Please open and press the button of the data row you want to view.
  • You can quickly see the post by using a filter.
  • Please press the Back button on the top of the timeline to return to the original screen.
Notes for the reading of the data
  • This app does not save your data. Please you to save and manage the data files properly.
  • The available data is limited to the data of the post of each SNS. (JSON file)
  • If you read the folder, it will stop at about 100 files by the performance of the restriction. Please specify the case to more read files directly.
  • Files in the folder after thawing is likely to become a huge number. Please number of files is adjusted to be 10,000 or less before using this tool. (Example: year and create a folder for each quarter)
  • Please try in a small number of files First.
Data source of service
The location of the data
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The promised land of a certian SNS...
G+Don is the web app for Mastodon.
Version: 1.1.8 ({? revision ?})
Author: ISHII Eiju

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