(*) except when the mobile (smartphone) display
Tootes number to keep in the timeline 20 30 40 Remove application settings Clear browser caches Synchronization with Google Drive

Load Account info and App setting from Google Drive.

Authorize Forget Organizing account Save

Account already exists. Please decide an operation.

Priority is given to the local account Priority is given to the Google Drive side To integrate (duplicates will give priority to local) To integrate (duplicates will give priority to Google Drive side) Cancel
User action

Behavior of the boost button
* If you select "extended boost", you can use following: boost to choose an account, quoted boost. Cancel OK Cancel OK
Tags save (*) open the page for authorized apps on using mastodon server
Post and Notification
To suppress the scroll When you have N pixel scroll, aware of the new Toot Read past the time line page of scrolling Once exceeded the N% (*) You can to see direct-message at the dedicated page

Example: 1200 (. Please separated by whitespace characters, please fill out according to the specifications of the mast Don server.)

Display of content
Accounts account_circle Timeline view_day Connections people Notifications notifications
close arrow_upward
To select an account
{? _T("msg_show_notification") ?} clear_all arrow_back clear open_in_new
The promised land of a certian SNS...
G+Don is the web app for Mastodon.
Version: 1.1.8 ({? revision ?})
Author: ISHII Eiju

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detail close Show the original toot Copy text of this toot {? toote.body.muted ? translation.thistoot_unmute : translation.thistoot_mute ?} Show a mastodon server of this user
Each information
To view the original in this mast Don server The original post date and time {?toote.body.created_at?} language {?toote.body.language?} Apps using to post
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